Ming Abysses offers a metamorphosis, that of a woman whose mind seems to plunge into the unexpected depths of a pool.

Gradually, dish after dish, a ballet starts up between the red of a cloth and the fins of a Siamese fighter.

  • Material : Food-grade melamine
  • Exterior finish: glossy sky blue
  • Interior colours: predominantly dark blue and red
  • Dimensions : H.39 cm
  • Diameter: 22 cm
  • 1 salad bowl Ø22cm, 1 salad bowl Ø21cm, 1 dish Ø22cm, 1 bowl Ø14cm, 1 bowl Ø11cm and 1 cup Ø7cm
  • Weight : 2 kgs
  • Dishwasher safe
  • No microwave