Title: Seta Manoukian: Painting in Levitation

Artist: Seta Manoukian

Authors: Gregory Buchakjian, Aline Manoukian, Kristine Khouri

Born in Lebanon in 1945, Seta Manoukian is a painter. Her early drawings reveal a sense of composition, a strong artistic hand and an original talent. She was teaching at Lebanese University when the Civil War began in 1975. After 10 years of war in Lebanon she had to flee, to LA defeated by war, where she still lives today, as a Buddhist nun. This publication looks back at Manoukian’s work, focusing on the 70s and 80s periods of her practice. It includes essays by Gregory Buchakjian, Kristine Khouri and Aline Manoukian.

Part of the Saradar Collection x Kaph Books series


21 cm x 27 cm (hardcover)

168 pages