Beirut is thousands of years old. Its history leaks from its walls, breathes out of its soil, and is dissolved in the chaos of everyday life. The city still has beautiful remains regularly erased by the negligence of some and the real estate rampant appetite of others. Away from the Beirut of postcards, the city exposes itself unvarnished, without shame.

Ieva Saudargaité Douaihi, a Beiruti born abroad, showcases a silent exploration of her city and its different corners. She dives into the intimacy of this constantly mutating urban body, explores its fertile interior, unearths its buried memory, discovers its hidden gardens, finds improbable apertures and surprising perspectives. The Beirut in Ieva Saudargaité Douaihi’s eyes is the incarnation, raw and bare, of what we make of our lives and our city. Because Beirut reflects our story.

Words by Dominique Eddé, Jad Tabet and Alexandre Medawar.